Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leverage your Global Twitter network to find answers to Clinical Questions!

Just last night I got to experience first-hand how the Global Twitter Network can help one find answers to questions almost instantly.  When you use Twitter for a while, you get to know and trust people whom you communicate with frequently.  These people might have similar interests but also have expertise in various other areas and can help direct one to answers that might not be easy to find.  Just like any thing else on the web, one still has to appraise the evidence and apply it appropriately.  A great advantage of twitter is that around the globe, it is highly likely that someone is awake and has some time to look for the answer.  You can also "mention" a person you know might have the answer in your tweet and if thus draw their attention to the question.

So here is a brief example of how the Global Twitter Network works.

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