Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easy tool to create narrated picture stories and patient education material

Yesterday @amcunnigham posted a link to the showmeapp on Twitter.  It linked to a video of someone doodling.  Soon there were several people commenting about potential uses of this including @nlafferty suggesting how it could be used to capture the "Back of prescription pad" learning moments and @mikey3982 suggesting how it could be useful to talk and diagram out something in the middle of a tweet conversation.

The app is very simple and requires just a web connected iPad.  You doodle on the screen, or import a picture and annotate it or just do a math equation.  You can narrate while doing this.  It captures both the audio and the on screen events and with one click uploads them to the showmeapp web site.  From there, you can post to FaceBook or Twitter or get an embed code to include in your blog.

At present showmeapp is free and there are no restrictions to the length of the video.  Try it out!  I am sure you will like it and think of a dozen different ways to use it.  Here is my attempt at creating a patient education video re Barrett's esophagus.

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