Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Google Drive and Kindle - connect them automatically!

I have written a lot about reading articles on the tablet - referring mostly to an Android tablet.
For those who have a Kindle or a Kindle Fire, with the advent of Google Drive and Wappwolf, there is now an automated way for getting your articles sent to the Kindle.

Google Drive is the new incarnation of Google Docs.  This works a bit like Dropbox but has 5GB storage.
Kindle is Amazon's eBook reader
Wappwolf is a great app that works with Google Drive (and also Dropbox).  When you save a file in a specific folder in Google Drive, it will complete a set of predefined tasks for you.  Thus whenever you see an article that  you may want to read on your Kindle, just save it to a specific folder (e.g. "Send to Kindle") in the Google Drive.  This will automatically show up on your carousel or book shelf on your Kindle.

Wappwolf has a number of other automations that it can perform e.g. photographs saved in a specific folder could be uploaded to Facebook or Google+.

The Wappwolf website indicates that SkyDrive and Box functionality will be coming soon.

This is a great advantage of cloud storage and cloud apps.  They can automate your repetitive tasks and improve efficiency.  I am waiting for the app that when I save an article to "Send to my cortex" folder will upload it to my brain while I sleep!

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