Saturday, September 14, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Educators Should Learn About Social Media

Just this morning I saw an excellent SlideShare presentation by +Jennifer Legarde that was shared by +Linda Lindsay on Google+.  The theme of the narrative is about making sure that curriculum and pedagogy are considered before choosing technology to enhance learning.

I loved the presentation as I often begin my presentations with a quote like, "Content is King" or "Pedagogy eats technology for lunch".  This slide deck is replete with great quotes that I have used or will quite likely use myself.  Alvin Toffler's gem on Slide 54 hangs on my office wall.  

The message for the the technophile is to look before you leap and remember that technology is only a tool.  On the flip side, there are many educators who are either waiting for evidence that technology actually enhances learning, or late adopters, or technophobes or anxious or uncomfortable about or too busy to learn new tools.  There may be many possibly valid reasons for an educator to keep doing what "works" for him or her.  But there education is all about curiosity, about simulating, motivating and exploring.  So educators of all people should be eager to learn about new methods, tools and techniques.  

Social Media is an amazing force that allows for creativity and collaboration.  If educators are still wondering about the need to learn about this medium, here are 5 top reasons to wait no more!

Top 5 Reasons Educators Need to Use Social Media

Sure there are potential hazards to using social media but only by exploring these tools can educators get comfortable with them and help guide their learners in making the most of these in a safe manner.