Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Digital Divide - Redivided! Score yourself on the Digital Divide Scale!

By now (almost) everyone has seen the video of the Grandpa using the iPad as a cutting board.  It made the rounds of social media about mid-last year.  If you want to see it again (or for the first time), here it is:

It is a great example of the Digital Divide between the generations.

Well why this blog post now?

Just this morning, I got a forwarded email with an attachment from a bright and well meaning colleague with the subject, "Needs immediate attention" and the body of the e-mail talked about how we could use this video as an example of a digital divide.

Attached to it was a 2 MB file of this video!
I was struck by the irony of it - how the manner in which we disseminate a digital video on Digital divide reveals our own digital status.
(This colleague is actually what I would classify as a long-term well-accommodated digital immigrant - uses social networking, Dropbox, manages web sites etc and sent this more due to time constraints).

Here is a set of 2 cases - score yourself on where you stand

1.  You want to share a large file with a group of people
  • You email everyone and attach the file - 0
  • You write a brief summary of the file in the body of the e-mail and folks can request the full file from you by replying to the e-mail + 1
  • You use "yousendit" or "transferbigfiles" and include a brief summary of the file in the message + 2
  • You put it on Google Drive/Dropbox and share it with them. + 3
2.  You get a funny video as an attachment in a chain e-mail
  • You forward the email as it is (showing the e-mail addresses of every previous recipient) -0
  • You forward it after stripping off the emails of previous recipients +1
  • You search and find the video online and send a hyperlink to the video by email with a an apology to those who may have already seen it a hundred times +2
  • You embed the video in your blog or social network and share +3
    • BONUS point if you post on Google+ and share with appropriate circle!
5-6Digital Native
3-4Digital Immigrant
0-2Digital tourist

Disclaimer: This is written purely in jest and has no scientific basis ;-)

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