Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gagne, eLearning Tools, and Personal Information Management

I have blogged many times about various Personal Information Management (PIM) tools like:

  • RSS Feeds and Google Reader
  • Social Bookmarking and Diigo
  • Reference Management and Zotero
I have tried to put it all together into custom workflows like:
Google Reader >> Zotero>> Tablet 

Recently I have been doing several faculty development sessions on eLearning tools.  Some questions I often get asked are:
  • What are some tools and apps that we can use for eLearning
  • There are so many tools.  How do we organize (storyboard) our eLesson?
To answer these questions I decided to put together a demo lesson on PIM using eLearning tools and used the age old Gagne's 9 events of instruction model to help build the storyboard. 
So here is the demo.

How I set it up:
  • Engage - Animated video (GoAnimate), Cartoon (makebeliefscomix) and Interactive image (Thinglink)
  • Goals - Flowchart (Lucidchart) and a (Camtasia) screen capture of a narrated PowerPoint animation
  • Activate prior knowledge - Google images (used advanced search to get images labelled for reuse)
  • Content - YouTube videos, Videos with embedded questions (Ted Lessons), blogs
  • Practice - Flashcards (Quizlet)
  • Assessment - HotPotatoes Quiz
Still have a few steps (events to cover) but it was an interesting exercise.  The part that I could not include was the collaborative learning since this is not going to a real course with real learners.  If it was, I could have used Tweetchats, Google+ Communities, etc to add a collaborative element.

Hope this will be helpful to others!

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