Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting my Google ecosytem on an iPhone 5

If you have been following this blog, you saw that our workplace recently switched from a BB to an iPhone. While the iPhone 5 is a wonderful device, the BB clearly was excellent for what it did - email, phone and BB messaging, connecting to resources behind our corporate firewall etc.

Playing around with the iPhone, I have been trying to customize it to suit my daily workflow.  Here is a snapshot of where I am right now.  Clearly this will evolve as I use it more and as new apps become available or existing apps get updated.

Chrome works better for me than Safari as it keeps track of my favorites and recently closed tabs and tabs on my other devices.  It allows me to share to Google+ easily (no workarounds like this).

Gmail app works much better than gmail on the iPhone mail app as it lets me do labels and organize in Gmail more easily.

I have been using Google Voice since it was "Grand Central" or something similar sounding.  It has terrific features and I still trying to figure out the best way to integrate it with iPhone 5 and iMessaging.  Unlike an Android device, the iPhone does not allow automatic calling via Google Voice.  So right now I have both on my the Phone and GV on my home screen.

Of course, I have a link to the Google Maps mobile web page but also have the iOS Maps app but that will go away as soon as the Google Maps gets released for iOS 6.

I also have a shortcut to the mobile Google reader web page on another screen.

I am probably being a bit passive aggressive about this but I think there is at least some logic behind this?  And yes I should be catching up with my e-mail rather than blogging!

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  1. I appreciate the flexibility shown by Apple to have bow down to google for them being more capable in maps.. But, I think Apple would return with an improved version soon..