Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can physician adopt technology in Medical Education?

I was invited to help organize a 5 day course on use of technology in medical education for about 40 physicians.  Part of the course consists of the physicians working in small groups over the 5 days to create eLearning module that they would present to the rest of the class on the last day.

Over the first few days of the course we covered principles of instructional design, various tools for creating interactivity, various web 2.0 tools, theories of learning and knowledge and the community of inquiry model.

Today is the evening of the third day of the course and here are some very gratifying signs.

One of the physicians created this amazing first blog post.

Participants created incredible flowcharts and storyboards

And they worked together in very active groups

To cap if off one physician made our day by using some of the tools we demonstrated to create this animated video
GoAnimate.comThank You Liz, Tom and Neil!

by Aaron Ang

Have 2 more days to go but it already has been an incredibly positive, humbling and gratifying experience. Can't wait to see the final product demonstrations!  But I can already say the answer to the question in the title of this post is an emphatic YES!

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