Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogger Dynamic Views

Recently Blogger announced the Dynamic View Templates which can make your blog look very stylish and also increase the speed with which it will load.  So now you can allow a large number of your posts to show up on one page and let the user choose which one to read instead of scrolling through "older and newer" or other navigation methods.
There are seven templates to choose from.  I like the magazine view (shown here) but you don't have to decide on one. All the templates offer a drop down to choose a preferred view to the reader.

I did not convert my template to one of the dynamic view templates.  Instead I added a HTML/javascript gadget to the top right side that lets readers choose to see the blog in a dynamic view.  There are still browsers out there that will not support a dynamic view template.  At some point I will probably convert to a dynamic template.