Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Microsoft Strings Together an Amazing List of Innovations!

This has been an amazing year for Microsoft.  The list of hardware and software innovations that they have come out with is mind boggling.

  1. Surface Pro 3 - probably the best single device I have owned - replaced my laptop and iPad and Android tablet in one fell swoop and added the functionality of the superb Stylus.
  2. Office Mix - the easiest way to create content for flipped classrooms
  3. HoloLens - the mixed reality headset that has huge potential in education
  4. Surface Hub - Large "Smartboard" with video conferencing, OneNote and motion sensing built in.
  5. Microsoft Band - for $200 a fitness tracker with ability to read notifications, tweets, text messages, email, calendar alerts, heart rate monitor, GPS etc.
  6. Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge - a browser that lets you annotate the web
  7. Skype Translator (in Preview) - instant translation between English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and other languages coming soon.
On top of this making all of Office apps available on both iOS and Android and also allowing developers to quickly convert their iOS and Android apps for Windows is a big shift in MS philosophy.

Competition is great for consumers and I am glad MS is back in the fray in a big way!

HoloLens for Anatomy Education

Office Mix Video

Surface Hub

Web Note feature of Microsoft Edge Browser

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