Saturday, November 27, 2010

Example of an Interactive Online Mind Map

This is an example of a possible solution for a clinical education and technical problem.

So what was the problem?
Clinical Education: Students learn to do physical examination by organ systems.  But then they need to integrate the examination into a smooth, head to toe exam that is convenient for the patient.

Technical: What tools can you use to help the medical student capture their concepts in an organized manner.  Mind maps are the obvious solution.  But some mind maps while easy to create on the desktop do not collapse/expand easily when placed online.  Others are hosted solutions so you are not sure how long they will be around and who owns what.  Some use Java which is not compatible with iOS devices.  Is there a solution that lets you create and upload interactive online mind maps and host them yourself?  Will it allow for versions for mobile devices including iOS devices? Click here for a previous post about these issues.

I have written about the clinical education problem in the past.  A medical student I work with reflected on this issue and we came up with a mind map using Freemind to solve the technical problems.

So without much more ado, here is the mind map  (  It is organized in 3 tabs.
The organ system approach
The Head to Toe approach
The Tree view for mobile devices using JavaScript

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