Sunday, October 17, 2010

Creating Panoramic Photographs

Fall season is upon us bringing with it the beautiful color changes in the foliage.  Unfortunately the leaves will soon be gone, leaving behind depressingly barren trees and landscapes.  Individual snapshots are inadequate to capture the majestic vistas.  But how about capturing panaromic shots?  You can do this even if you don't have a very wide angle lens. 

Clevr is a quick and easy tool for creating panoramas from individual photographs but fails miserably when the images lack a distinct feature like building or similar structure.  I was able to get some success with shots of:
1.  Hawaiian Volcanoes
Lahania and
2.  Harbor with boat and slips
Lahania Harbor
Trees in general don't present such features and Clevr just does not work for creating panoramas of fall foliage.  But there is another program that is just awesome.  It is called Hugin and Lifehacker has a nice blog on it. 

Downloaded it yesterday and have 2 beautiful (even if I say so myself) creations from this.

1.  View of the backyard
Backyard Panorama Fall Foliage
2.  View of schools soccer fields

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