Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wii - Mario Bros and Film- Avatar!

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This post has nothing to do with medical education but I could not resist capturing some of my thoughts on the week I took off to spend some quality time with my 11 year old and her 6 month older cousin.

While we did a lot of fun stuff this week, the most notable were:
1. Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics on the Wii
2. New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii
3. The new blockbuster film Avatar.

Avatar was a must see after all the hype. The 3D was easily the best I have seen and the stunning visuals were very appropriate for 3D. The story itself was a bit of Matrix with a strong environmental theme bundled together with futuristic action on a far-away planet. The highlight was the the hero character taming a flying banshee and some beautiful flying jellyfish like spores. Were it not for the 3D I would rate this as a B grade movie though.

The Winter Olympics game was fun. Have not explored it fully but it the best games seem to be the ice hockey, curling and bobsleigh. Ice hockey seems quite difficult, curling seems to give an undue advantage to the person playing second and bob sleigh is pure fun. Got a terrific kick out of using the Wii Balance Board to play the bobsleigh. You actually sit down on the board and lean one way or the other to control the sleigh! Some of the games are similar to the Wii Fit games (ski jumps, slalom, etc). The multi-player ability is great!

The highlight of the week was easily the New Super Mario Bros. It was the reason we did not get around the exploring the Winter Olympics fully. This is a typical side scrolling game like the good old games of the past. You can use the Wiimote like a typical control or use it with the nanchuk. But the twist was that all 3 of us could play together! . You have to work as a team to have the best chance of success. But you can "accidentally" push someone off a platform or into danger. There was a lot of shouting, elbowing, accusing, hugging, jumping and laughing. It was great to see 2 similar age kids cooperating and taking turns to defeat the "bosses". Must have spent almost 6 hours playing this in the last 2 days! Will always have great memories of this week spent in such a non-productive manner!

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