Sunday, April 29, 2018

And..... Office Mix is back (well almost!)

The previous post was all about the death of Office Mix and a search for alternatives. 
The best option was

  • Create a narrated slideshow in PowerPoint
  • Save as a video
  • Upload to YouTube as an unlisted video
  • Use EdPuzzle to embed the video and insert questions
This solution is probably the optimal one at this point as the EdPuzzle interface is quite intuitive and it has decent learning analytics.  

But it seems Office Mix is being reborn as an embedded feature in PowerPoint.  MS had promised as much but it is good to see that the first part of that promise is now delivered.  If you have Office 365, you can enable the "recording tab" and this includes all the features that were provided by the Office Mix add-on.
Adding a Recording Tab to PowerPoint

MS plans to support quizzes using MS forms and hosting using MS Stream.  

Adding quizzes in PowerPoint using MS Forms (under development)

I look forward hopefully to when these will be available and work seamlessly like Office Mix did.

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